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*Please see undeniable proof including HUD statements on this page below.

And You Pay Your Tuition ONLY AFTER
You Make $15,000 In Profit… Guaranteed*!

*Attend This Event & You Only Pay After You Profit. Read Below For Details.

This transformational workshop will be unlike anything you've ever experienced!

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From the desk of Mark Evans DM,DN
Real estate investor, Best selling author, lifestyle entrepreneur

Dear friend,

Do you know the difference between being a real estate investor who struggles to do a handful of deals here and there…


Running an actual real estate investing business that does up to 50 deals per month giving you both financial and time freedom to do what you love and enjoy most?

Believe me, there's a BIG difference in the two.

I know it all to well.

No one tells you about the struggle to make it big in real estate.

The average real estate investor lives deal to deal. He's frustrated fighting with competitors over halfway decent deals. The constant worry is getting the next house in the pipeline just to keep things going a little longer.

Days are spent chasing unmotivated sellers, chasing unqualified buyers, and chasing a dream of freedom and wealth that rarely comes with the exception of those dogged few that follow down this path and see to have more luck than smarts.

The sad reality is for most investors no matter if you're…

… Real Estate Investing is a hard hustle and a daily grind riddled with stress, fear, self-doubt, loneliness, and overwhelm.

Tell me… is this a sustainable way to business? (Or even a healthy and enjoyable way to live?)

I'm sorry to admit it but I know that feeling all to well!


There Is A Better, Faster, And Easier
Way To Make The Money You Want &
Live The Lifestyle You've Dreamed!

In fact, that's why I'm writing you this message today.

My name is Mark Evans.

Mark Evans

I've been called the "Underground Deal Maker."

That's because I'm NOT a guru. I don't sell courses. I don't speak on stages. And I don't regularly do seminars.

There's nothing wrong with that stuff – it's just not me.

What I do is take action, get results, and get paid.

I do deals and I work with people who do deals.

It's what I LOVE.

That's because I've created systems that let me make a killing in real estate in several markets around the country all virtual and automated.

I'm not out there like most investors wasting 80 hours a week after the next deal only for it to fall by the wayside and barely scraping enough by to pay the bills.

Instead I only spend about 10 hours a MONTH with my real estate activities.

But thanks to the processes I've created and the unique methods I've perfected, my real estate investing business does anywhere from 20 to 50 deals per month with each deal generating a minimum of $8,000 profit. (You do the math!)

I don't use my own money.

I don't use my own credit.

I don't talk to sellers, buyers, set foot on the property, or even sign any documents myself at closing.

In fact, I've even been called, "The Godfather Of Virtual Real Estate Investing".

Don't Believe Me?
This Page Is Stockpiled With The Results
Of My Most Recent Deals Including Street Names*
and HUD Statements.

PLUS, Real Results From Those
I've Taught This System Too!

*Actual street addresses are withheld to respect the privacy of the current occupant.

(Where else can you see actual proof like this?)

I run my business from my home, on the beach, while on vacation traveling the world with my beautiful fiancé.

I spend time with people I care about most, have fun, do what I enjoy, and live life all on my own terms.

This Is All While My
Real Estate Business
Makes Money For Me!

Heck, it's not uncommon for me to get an email with a bank wire receipt attached for profits on a property that I never even knew my team was working on!

I don't tell you any of this to brag or impress you.

When you get to know me better and meet me in person you'll know that's not who I am at all. Actually, I prefer being a low key, humble kind of dude. (This isn't about ego, it's about creating experiences in life.)

I do tell you this, however, because I want to impress on you it is possible for your business to do 20 deals or more per month giving you more freedom, more income, and ultimately wealth!

After all, you didn't get into real estate because you enjoy buying a house, right?

Chances are you were attracted to this business because of the luxuries in life that a real estate business affords.

You know the investor I described above?

That was me.

When I first started in this business I found myself full of doubt, worry, and fear. Like most I took a lot of missteps, worked harder than I should have, and set myself up for certain failure.

Given my background failure should have been in my cards. I could barely finish high school and my teachers thought I should be content with a minimum wage job.

(I sure showed them when I closed my first 2 deals before the age of 19. C'mon, we're all surrounded by people who told us we can't. Imagine what it would feel like the moment you proved them wrong!)

But my first few years in business where hard with lots of time and money lost.

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way!

Michael Gerber in his books E-Myth and E-Myth Revisited talks about the concept of business owners, vs. technician.

The technician trades hours for dollars.

Business Owners Work On Your Business
Not IN Your Business.
That's What Creates Wealth!

Which are you?

Are you content trading hours for dollars?

Or do you want to tap into a real estate business model proven to generate massive cash and lead to more time, and more income so you can enjoy life!

All this is possible.

Just copy-and-paste my real estate system into your life.


The Deal Maker Experience

June 18 – 20, 2015 | Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The Deal Maker Experience is a three-day intensive workshop unlike anything you've ever been a part of before.

Remember, I don't do seminars.

And this isn't a seminar.

This is you joining my family and us celebrating your financial independence.

Before I go into what The Deal Maker Experience is and why you should do everything humanly possible to be here even crawl over broken glass to attend…

First let me tell you what The Deal Maker Experience is not!

XIt's NOT some pitch fest or parade of speakers looking to sell you the latest and greatest bright-shiny-object designed to pad their pockets and distract you from doing real business stuff!

XIt's NOT rehashed information on some cheesy strategy or trick that may have worked for a couple months in 2004 but is long out of date and probably borderline illegal.

XIt's NOT some fluff event where you'll spend most of your time role-playing theory-based scenarios with your fellow attendees to falsely boost your confidence but holds no merit in the real world of deal making.

XAnd it's NOT some thinly veiled attempt to sell you houses or loan you money or anything else that is not in your best interest or otherwise unethical.

I've been involved in the "real estate investing world" for the better part of 2 decades. I've seen all that stuff. It runs shivers down my spine.

The Deal Maker Experience Is Different!

Here's why…


You Can Copy-And-Paste My Business!

Everything I'll share with you, I do day-in and day-out. My real estate investing business is entirely virtual and hands-off. The systems I've created do the work for me and let me live how I want to live while making an envious income and build wealth. You'll discover those systems, and you'll leave with a step-by-step game plan to put them to action in your business.


It's Just YOU and Me!

There are no outside speakers. No sales pitches. No weird stuff to force you to the back of the room. Eck! That stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Instead, it'll be me giving you my all and we'll dig into every aspect of my business. I'll leave no stone unturned.


The Revolutionary Strategies For 2015 and Beyond.

There's no one talking about the stuff I do in my business. Probably because only a few are doing it. And those who are, chances are I taught them. I'm not a guru. I don't share information that worked back in the day. I live and breathe this stuff. And after nearly half my life in real estate I know where opportunities present themselves and how to best take advantage. In 3 days together, you will too!


Together We'll Create Results, LIVE!

I'm all about action. That's how deals get done and that's how you get consistent success. So at this event we'll expand your comfort zone by creating real world results right before your eyes. That includes live calls with real sellers so you can model how I structure and close deals, and taking you to see actual properties. You'll understand everything about how I think, act, and what I say, and do to make money!


You'll Get Personal Attention!

115 attendees. That's it. This event will sell out easy with only that many seats available. Why am I doing this? Simple. I don't want a large audience of 800 people. Believe me, I have enough investors who follow my business to fill a room of 800 or more. But that's not what I want. I want to be able to learn who you are, what's important to you, what your challenges are, and how to overcome any roadblocks to put you on the path to accelerated success.


You'll Make a Difference!

When you attend The Deal Maker Experience you'll be part of something good. I'll tell you more about the difference you'll make and why I want you to be a part of this a little later.


We'll Support & Celebrate Your Success!

Where in your everyday life do you properly celebrate your success in business. Chances are you're so wrapped up in the day-to-day stuff that it's easy to forget your progress. But supporting and celebrating success is important to keep us going. After all, why are we doing this. It should be fun and excited. We'll make sure you have the team you need to support through the challenges and celebrate the wins.

Let's break down exactly what you can expect in our time together.

Day 1: Deal Maker Strategies

This is where I introduce you to my world. We'll dig into my entirely virtual real estate model that lets me close up to 50 deals per month using my unique and proprietary real estate systems that lets me make an amazing income, build wealth, and live free!

You'll see everything I do, step-by-step. I'll give you EVERYTHING I got. It's all easier than you think. It's just about shifting the way you look at real estate investing.

Day 1 you'll discover…

And much more!

Day 1 is going to blow your mind and it's going to get you set for taking real action. But we're just getting started…

Day 2: Action & Implementation

Day two is action day! This is where we make things happen together. You'll be a part of an experience that will change the way you look at real estate investing forever!

It's all centered around…

The Deal Maker Fast Track
to Getting Deals Closed

First thing Friday morning YOU and 114 of your new closest friends are going to get an inside look of exactly how to start generating deals instantly. We'll see real properties. We'll virtually walk through deals together. You'll learn how to spot weakness and uncover hidden opportunities. And you'll understand exactly what to look forwhat to avoid, and how to profit.

This is hands-on, in the trenches deal making. You'll gain knowledge, understanding, and confidence. 

My personal power team and I will be there by your side taking you by the hand revealing exactly what you need to be thinking, doing, acting on to get the money faster, easier, and more profitably.

Think of us as your Sherpa guiding you to the peak of the mountain we know as real estate investing. 

And once you fully understand what you're looking for, and follow the steps and blueprint we lay out for you, you'll be able to repeat success again and again.

But that's just the beginning of day 2.

Time to get the MONEY! 

When we return from lunch you're going to see exactly how to tap into
millions of dollars in private money to fund all your deals without YOU ever going to the bank and begging them for money again.

Plus be part of a discussion panel where you're able to bring up your deals, talk about getting money for deals.

Mega BONUS: Not only that you're going to be handed the keys to the EXACT same system I use daily, this is a custom system that has cost me over 6 figures to create and you can use it that day to start building and tracking your success.

Day 3: The Charity Giveaway!

This is HUGE and part of a reason why I'm doing all of this. I'll tell you my "ulterior motive" in just minute.

First thing Saturday morning YOU and 114 of your new closest friends are going to load up and ship out we'll be hoping on an amazing bus and heading to the Educate and Recreate location joined by Ohio football Legend Maurice Clarrett! If you don't know Maurice's ultimate comeback story it's inspiring. And he'll be there with us to meet, take pictures, and most importantly giveback through an amazing foundation that you can help support.

Lives will be changed forever because we'll be doing something huge this year for a special charity. We're going to give away something BIG this year... Talking so big it's going to change Lives forever. (A must see it to believe it)

This will be so cool! We'll have local media and it may even catch the attention of national news.

You can even use this in your marketing because you're making it possible to transform the direction of children's destiny forever!

And we're not done yet!

The grand hurrah of the weekend is…

My 37th Birthday Celebration
And Networking Extravaganza!

OK, I like to live life like I mean it… and so should you!

That's way we're throwing a massive bash to close out the event and celebrate my birthday and your newfound fortune as owner of your super-successful real estate empire.

It's hard to believe that I've been investing in real estate nearly half my life.

But what better way to celebrate than with my new family. YOU!

I've been planning this for a year.

We'll have music, a custom drink made, some crazy surprises…

PLUS, you'll be able to network with your fellow attendees as well as my staff, my power team and myself. And who knows… many of my super successful investor friends, clients, and inner circle have even suggested they'd drop by to help ring in my 37th year.

This is going to be fun and a bon voyage. Sunday morning my fiancé and I pack up the car and embark on a 3-month road trip cross-country.

So join me at The Deal Maker Experience now… because chances are you won't get this opportunity for a long while!

So… How Do You Become Part Of The Experience?

OK, as you probably figured… there are 115 seats available AND ONLY 7 Left.

As I write this message – half of those seats are already taken just from mentioning via email a couple times.

I suspect the majority of these seats will go very fast – most likely as soon as I post this letter online.

But if you're lucky enough to see this letter before I take it down and open up the wait list then you'll probably want to act right now.

I guarantee you opening won't last long.

And the 115 seats isn't some sort of marketing ploy.

I don't play those games, and I'm not that kind of guy.

Remember, I'm not a guru… I don't do seminars… I do deals.

The 115-seat limit is real. That's all the conference room I booked holds, and that's all the seats I planned for on the bus.

OK Mark! I Want In… At Any Cost!
But How Much?

By now you know this is for you. Otherwise you wouldn't have read this far.

That's good. That means you make smart decisions by looking at all the details first.

You do your due diligence. That's important for a smart investor and business owner.

And you know it's a smart move to hone your skills learning from someone who's been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

Why struggle with trial, error, and failure when you can get the short cut and profit faster, easier, and with less risk.


When I told a few people in my inner circle and several of my highly successful investor friends who use my strategies in their businesses they openly agreed they would easily pay $5,000… $10,000…$20,000… and even $30,000 for this opportunity.

In fact, many of them said they've paid way over those figures to be taught real estate investing without getting 1/100th the value they've received from me over the years.

So I went back and first considered starting the tuition for this hands-on experience at $5,000.

Believe me, it would be worth it.

After all, one deal should net you $8,000 at a minimum when you put into practice what you'll learn.

But don't worry, it's NOT $5,000.

I wanted to make it more accessible.

That said, it's not $5,000…

NOT $4,000...

… Or even… $3000.

The tuition for The Deal Maker Experience is only $1,495.

This includes all the manuals, training material, bus tour, networking party, and the celebrity charity event.

OK… All That Said…
I Want To Give You No Excuses!
(Even Price…)

I care about my friends and their success.

It's part of what drives me.

I've reached a level of success in this business that's given me freedom… and I have an urge to give back

That's why I'm going to do something others might think is a bit wild…

But hey, if it benefits you… then I'm all for it.

OK, the tuition is $1,495…

Worth every penny times 10!

But I want to PROVE to you that my strategies work and my systems will make you rich in real estate.


When you register today I don't want you to pay the tuition!

Only Pay ME AFTER You Make $15,000 In Profit!

That's Right!

I only want you to pay me the $1,495 tuition after you put my systems into action for your business and make $15,000 in profit as a direct result.

And you have a full 3-months to do this.

(That's WAY longer than I expect you to do your first deal. My top students do their first deals right out the gate. But I'm giving you some padding in case you need a little extra time to get started.)

That's because money loves speed.

So in 90 days from today you must make at least $15,000 or you don't pay me the $1,495 tuition.

I won't send you an invoice or anything like that.

It's on the honor system, but I know you're good for it!

Just send my office a check and a letter about your deal.

Sound Fair?

Why would I do this?


I believe so much in my systems, and I've seen first hand what they do for investors all across the country who seek me out for my guidance…

That I'm beyond a shadow of a doubt confident that it can do the same for you.

I'm putting up ALL the risk.

Even putting my name on the line.

I do have ONE small request!

All I ask is you place a simple $97 seat deposit down.

Don't worry – its put toward your $1,495.

Unfortunately, I'm forced to do this.

Let me explain.

I know how the world works.

If something is free… then people take advantage of it.

This is not a free ride, and freebie seekers and lookyloos need not apply.

So if $97 is too much to invest in your business, your family, your income, and your future then this is obviously not the fit for you.

I expect action takers who make a commitment and take that seriously.

So all I ask is $97 to hold the seat and that tells me you have a good chance of showing up.

Otherwise I run the risk of getting no-shows who'll take the opportunity away from someone else.

So if you want in… now's your chance.

Remember, there are only 115 seats total!

And as a gesture of good will going to do something to reward you for putting your trust in me.

You'll Get FOUR Deal Maker Experience
Bonus Gifts valued at $2,500!
Just For Being One Of The First To Register

Bonus Gift #1:
2 LIVE Pre-Event Coaching Calls and 2 LIVE Post-Event Coaching Calls.

I want you to join me and your fellow attendees as I walk you through how to best prepare for the Experience so you can hit the ground running immediately.

Then I want to follow up to make sure you're taking the RIGHT action, fast, and turning on the system I give you to create massive profits for your business.

This is my accountability to you…

I want you to succeed.

And I'll see to it!

Seeing how I charge at least $1000 per hour for my personal one-on-one time whenever I make it available, this bonus is easily worth $2,500.

Bonus Gift #2:
The Reverse Real Estate System.

In this step-by-step course I walk you through the process of finding a deal to profit in 10 days or less.

This is the fastest ways to get deals done and is the foundation of what you'll discover at The Deal Maker Experience.

Consider this your grounding material for all we do.

This will be the spark that causes the wildfire in your profits.

This course was sold out at $897 but I took it off the market when I stopped teaching and focused on my real estate investing.

But it's valuable and something you want to get your hands on.

Bonus Gift #3:
Prop Frog Deal Selling Software.


I use this in my business everyday.

This software system sells deals for you.

It's fast, easy, and simple.

Plus it can turn your buyers list into an additional revenue stream.

The software sells for $197 and it's way underpriced.

But you get it today included with your reservation.

Bonus Gift #4:
Dog Ninja Deal Getting Software.

This is another can't-live-without resource in my arsenal. Dog Ninja gets deals. It brings me floods of leads into my business and let's me cherry pick only the most profitable. It took me countless hours and over $25,000 to develop and perfect.

It's a monthly fee, but I'm giving you 5 years access to this software as my bonus gift. This is a $5,820 value all for just reserving your spot today!

So All Together That's $9,414 In Bonus Deal Making Training And Software Just for Your $199 Seat Deposit Today!

You MUST be present at the event to receive these gifts.

Also, please realize that these are a limited time offer at my discretion and I have the right to remove any or all of these bonuses at any time.

So register right now to ensure you get these amazing gifts.

But if you're worried…

Don't be…

YOU have nothing to lose.

In fact, I'm taking away all the risk with my…

Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Yes, you're $97 is safe and sound.

Attend the first day of the event. At the end of day one if you don't feel like you can take the information, training, resources, and action plans and create $15,000 in profit in the next 90 days… or you don't believe that 20-deals per month in your own lifestyle driven real estate business is really possible then call me out on it.

Tell me that I'm full of it... and I'll gladly give you $97 cash on the spot.

PLUS, for your trouble I'll let you keep ALL THE BONUSES!!!!

Yes, $9,414 in valuable training and software. Keep it as my gift to say thank you for your time.

It doesn't get any better than that!

As you can see I'm being super generous here because I want you a part of The Deal maker Experience.

Here's why…

I'm On A Million Dollar Mission!

I'm obviously doing a lot to make sure you show up.

Here's why…

I want the $1,495 from you after you've done your first $15,000 deal.

However, it's not to pad my pocket.


If you do the math $1,495 times 115 = $171,925.

That's an OK amount to make in 3 days time.

But that's NOT why I'm doing this.

I'm doing this because I'm on a mission to raise $1,000,000 for charity.

A LARGE portion ($1,500) of the proceeds you send me after you make a profit go to charity.

The cash goes to a good cause. We can also buy more houses Free and Clear for needy families…

And you can feel good knowing you're part of something with meaning.

So as you send me the remaining $1,398 from your tuition, I write a big fat check of $1495 to charity.

Yes, this is my why.

It's bigger than you or I.

We're here to do good together.

No matter where you are in life right now you have the opportunity to change your cards and no longer accept failure.

So this is not only your turning point, but the opportunity to reach out to people in need and transform lives.

You in this with me?

I hope you are.

I only have room for 115 people.

Claim your spot right now and be one of them!


Mark Evans, DM

The Deal Maker Experience

June 18 – 20, 2015 | Columbus, Ohio

Yes Mark! Absolutely Sign Me Up For The Deal Maker Experience! I want to discover your systems for doing 20 to 50 deals per month on autopilot!

If you agree to all the points above and you feel your qualified to take the next step, take action, and get results… then click the add to cart button below to get started.

Your Seat Deposit Today Is Only…


Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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